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Tips to Look Tall and Slim Even When Wearing Flats

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Flat shoes have never been more fashionable. Find out how you can still look slim and slender while keeping your foot firm on the ground! 

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We all know that putting on a pair of sky-high stilettos instantly makes your legs look longer and slimmer — which is probably a universal desire of every woman. 

However, fashion influencers have been putting their most practical foot forward in recent seasons. Comfortable shoes like sneakers and fancy flats were seen everywhere during fashion week; whether on the runway or the streets. Even the queen of stilettos Victoria Beckham was seen wearing a pair of stark white Adidas Stan Smiths during her recent show in New York.

We know many of you are questioning the legitimacy of flat shoes, wondering how anyone can look slim and slender in these low-risers. 

We have always been an advocate of flat shoes so we definitely agree to the question above. Flats can be just as figure flattering – you just need to know how to style it. So here are seven super useful tricks that we will like to share with you:

TIP 1: Nude is the way to go 
We all know that whenever we go for a shade closest to our own skin tone, it tricks the eye into believing that those flats are an extension of your legs. If it works on heels, it’ll work on flats too. Our Faith Rose Gold flats not only complements the Asian skin and fairer skin tones, it also carries a slight sheen to give it that glam factor.

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TIP 2: Flats with a low vamp 
A shoe with a low-cut vamp allows you to show off more of your feet, thus visually lengthening your legs and making them look longer and slimmer. 

TIP 3:Solid and structured 
If you feel like you have chunkier calves and ankles, select shoes with a more sturdy shape, i.e. brogues and loafers. Avoid delicate styles like ballet flats because they can add weight to your legs and make them look heavier. Shoes with a more masculine cut can help to create a more streamlined silhouette for your legs. 

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TIP 4:Pointy flats 
Some round-toe shoes can make your legs look a little stumpy. Pointed ones help to make your feet appear longer and your legs lengthier. However, if you have a slim and  longer foot, you might want to skip this tip as pointy flats might have the potential of making your foot look disproportionately long. 


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Tip 5: Say no to the ankle strap
Ankle straps visually bisect the legs and add weight to your ankles. Flats with lots of strap detailing will only disrupt your lean, leggy look, so avoid those. However, it can give a trendy old school look if the strap was in the form of a Mary Jane.

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TIP 6: Have your hemlines above your knees 
Pairing flats with shorter hemlines that stop just above your knees is definitely the most straightforward option because the combination gives the most exposure to your legs while still remaining office-friendly and respectable. 

TIP 7:Expose your ankles 
For days where we don’t have free rein over what we wear (read: every day at work), just remember to show off your ankles. They are the smallest and sadly most underrated part of your body, so you should draw attention to them. 

Remember, flats can look as sexy and sassy if you wear them right!


Source: Adapted from Herworld Online
Author: Cheng Jee Yen

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