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5 Hassle-Free Methods To Fit More Stuff Into Your Luggage

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1) Use the Bundle Packing Method

This packing strategy involves filling a small pouch with soft items (like socks, underwear, etc.) and then wrapping larger clothing items around the pouch to form a bundle.

2) Zip and Then Add Extras

Have a few overflow items that just don't seem like they'll fit? Try closing and zipping your suitcase completely (even if you have to sit on it to make it work). Then reopen your bag and try adding the items in any available spots (think corners, spaces between larger items, etc.). Often, once you've compressed the bag by zipping it shut, you'll find just a bit more room once you open it again.

3) Roll Your Clothes

Rolling your clothes is the best way to fit the most in a suitcase. Plus, rolled clothes tend to wrinkle less than folded clothes. Roll soft clothes and fold harder ones.

4) Buy an Expandable Bag

This may seem like cheating but it's actually the easiest way if you don't want to bother with all the other steps. 

5) Put things inside your shoes

Make them do double duty by stuffing them with jewelry, ties or socks and underwear. 

Shoes tend to take up the most space because of their size, however, that is not the case when it comes to our ballet flats. Just fold the ends over and tuck them into the shoe pocket, ta-da! You have extra room for a few more dresses and maybe another pair of shoes.

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