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3 Steps to find the Perfect Everyday Ballet Flat

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Everyone has that pair of "everyday ballet flats", you know the ones you wear so often with ALL your outfits that people wonder if you have any other shoes.

We've all been through that haven't we?

So how to find that perfect ballerina to wear everyday?

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We look at some of the factors below that affects our choices:

1. Price

If you are looking at a good pair of long-lasting flats, you are probably going to have to invest in one. Buying those $10 flats from a fast fashion store just won't cut it anymore. While they can be a steal, they just aren't worth those squashed toes, sore ankles, blisters and no arch support.

For some basic comfort and durability, you are looking to spend at least $50- to $60. Some of the more comfortable ones (full leather) can go up to $100 over. If you're reluctant to spend that much, consider this: would you rather have a pair of $10 dollar flats that you need to replace every 2 months, or a pair of $80 dollar flats that will last a year or more? 

2. Easy to Match

Before you buy that pair of $100 flats, ask yourself: can you see yourself wearing these flats every day? Or do these only go with that cute top you bought last weekend? If your answer is the latter, then these aren't your "everyday flats".

Everyday flats should go with anything you wear, which means you should try and stick to a neutral color (meaning they are one solid color, not some "Aztec multi coloured print", although they sound super fashionable). Before you purchase your shoes, you need to be able to envision yourself wearing those flats with anything, and to anywhere. If you can visualize that, you've got a winner.

3. Comfort

When you slip on a pair of candidate flats, you want to think "Super comfy!" and not "Super painful!... but they're so cute!". Those tight flats may be cute, but they aren't going to be so cute when you're limping across the road wishing you can just throw them away and walk barefooted. The bottom line is: style aside, COMFORT should be the first thing you consider when it comes to a looking for a ballet flat to wear often. 

How do we choose a pair of comfortable flats? 

Many factors make up the comfort of the shoe.

Firstly the material, leather shoes are softer and more durable than synthetic shoes. It also absorbs perspiration, and prevents that 'sticky' feeling you get in this hot humid weather in Singapore.

Next is the foam padding in the insole, where it provides arch support and prevents sore feet. Lastly is the flexible rubber outsole which bends with your feet while you walk.

My Little Piece of shoes models after this concept to bring you our range of Everyday ballet flats. Your feet will thank you for this!

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