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We are honoured to be featured in an interview on Do read the article if you are contemplating between buying leather or non-leather shoes.

Interview with shoes expert, Founder of my little piece of

Tips on choosing shopping for shoe, leather shoes vs non-leather shoes. 

Founder of My Little Piece of - Mummy & Me; Shoes and Stuff

Silver leather shoes from mylittlepieceof
Faith Silver Leather Ballet Flats

How many years have you been in the shoes industry?
I landed my first job in one of the international shoe companies, and since then, I have been stuck in the shoe industry for about 7 years.

How did you get into this line?
By pure luck. My best friend introduced me into my first job and I just packed my bags to join the R&D department in China.

Any tips of picking the right shoe?
Many factors contribute to picking the right shoe. It depends on what you are looking for as well. What is your aim of buying that pair of shoes? Is it comfort, or just to be in trend?
If you are looking for comfort, look for leather shoes. Though they are slightly more expensive, they last longer, become softer after each wear, and they don't peel so easily.

I have article in my page that suggests how to pick the perfect everyday ballet flat.

How to differentiate a leather shoe and a non-leather shoes? And what are the difference?

The easiest way is by the sticker under the outsole. The diamond shape indicates that the shoe is made of synthetic material, while the leather logo indicates the shoe is leather. Sometimes the insole will be embossed with a 'Genuine Leather' or 'Leather Insole' Label

Leather shoes are made of animal skin, while non-leather shoes are made of PU, which is a form of plastic. Leather shoes, are like skin - they are breathable, moisture absorbent, and stretchable. Synthetic on the other hand is plastic. So imagine you wear 2 plastic bags on your feet.

leather shoes icon
leather shoe icon
Why should someone pick a leather shoes instead of a non-leather shoe?
Its definitely more comfortable, breathable, blister free. I used to design and wear synthetic PU shoes, but once I tried full leather, there's no turning back.

What are some of the fashion trends in 2016?
I think its still a carry over of the many past seasons of sneakers (sneaker inspired elements) and gladiators (lace ups), and updated mandals.

Is there any other thing you would like to share with regards to your expertise?
Leather shoes are like skin and require care. Minimum care for leather shoes are that you should store them in cool places, with a dehumidifier to absorb moisture. This way your shoes can last longer.

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