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Fashion Jewelry Style Guide

If you think of costume jewelry as how one can accessorize her or his stage outfits while performing a play, a musical show, a circus performance you will be mistaken.

Today, costume jewelry has taken a bold and stylish direction of its own and are now known better as fashion jewelry.

The term costume jewelry was used since the early twentieth century when women used to wear clothes that would rather look more like a costume.

However, fashion jewelry has its fame to the fullest right now, therefore it is just essential for us to dive into styling for these very interesting ideas on how you can accessorize your outfits so they look pretty and trendy.

1. Minimalist Bracelets for a Modern Style

The costume jewelry pieces that are minimalist inspired have very clean and basic lines and so are their designs. Therefore they are super easy to style with any outfit.

Take your all time favorite look and turn into a super modern and trendy one when you add a minimalist bracelet.

layered fashion bracelets jewelry

You can also stack them without looking over accessorized.

Achieve that fashion blogger look by wearing them with watches!

layered fashion bracelets jewelry

2. Drop Earrings for a Bodacious Look

Ranging from bold drop earrings to over sized chandelier or statement earrings, the choice is your, but one is certain – the final result would be amazing and very attractive. Yet, it is possible to rock these beauties even while you are dressed casually.

statement earrings

3. Wrap choker for a comfortable and casual look

A gorgeous piece of jewelry that is so simple, yet trendy and versatile to enhance your look - the wrap choker.  Style it the way you like it, and stack them with other necklaces to create your own look.

fashion wrap necklaces

4. Stack Rings for a Fuller Look

Pile up your rings for a funky and fuller look, especially if you don’t like to wear other types of costume jewelry. Based on your fashion style and the occasion, you can combine different statement or delicate rings.

fashion stacked rings

Besides from being able to stack your rings like a pro, be experimental and match your rings to other costume jewelry pieces.

fashionable stacked rings


5. Delicate Pendant Necklaces for a Sleek Style

The versitility of these costume jewelry pieces allows you to combine them easily with any type of clothing. For example, a cute tank top paired with a shirt and ripped skinny jeans for a delicate, yet funky look.

fashion stacked necklaces

You can also wear these delicate pieces with charms with your work ensembles and a nail the minimalistic and chic style. Delicate necklaces are definitely a must have in every woman’s jewelry collection. 

Layer two or three necklaces for a fuller look.


Fashion jewelry is always a good idea to add some freshness to any outfit. We hope this guide brought you some new inspiration. Feeling all inspired to revamp your wardrobe? Shop our charm bracelets, necklaces and earrings here!


Image Source: Pinterest

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