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5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Leather Shoes Looking Their Best

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The benefits to leather shoes are endless but the effort needed in maintaining them sometimes results in too much of a hassle, especially since leather can dry out and fall apart without proper care. Here are some quick and easy tips to ensure that your leather shoes continue looking their best. Wipe down your shoes with a towel or brush after every use. This will help maintain the shine of the leather and get rid of any dust or dirt.      2. Leather shoes should be cleaned at least once a month with mild soap detergent and a damp...

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Wearing Flats on Your Wedding Day

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It’s 2016: A woman can wear what she wants to her wedding. Don’t care for the Disney princess look? No problem—there’s a wealth of understated options on the market right now. More of a pants person? You’re in luck: Bridal jumpsuits couldn’t be cooler these days—and who’s going to stop you if you want to wear jeans? (I mean, your mom might try…) One of the most persistent myths that’s due to be quashed, however, is that to look your best, you need to be teetering around in heels for the entire night. Even if most people will barely glimpse them under a...

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Tips to Look Tall and Slim Even When Wearing Flats

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Flat shoes have never been more fashionable. Find out how you can still look slim and slender while keeping your foot firm on the ground!  Shop Faith Silver Ballerina Flats We all know that putting on a pair of sky-high stilettos instantly makes your legs look longer and slimmer — which is probably a universal desire of every woman.  However, fashion influencers have been putting their most practical foot forward in recent seasons. Comfortable shoes like sneakers and fancy flats were seen everywhere during fashion week; whether on the runway or the streets. Even the queen of stilettos Victoria Beckham was...

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