Established 2014
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Ballet Flats

At My Little Piece of, we understand the need to focus on comfort and quality shoes in your busy lifestyle.

The average woman takes about 7000 steps per day, with the foot absorbing this impact. Our quality leather ballet flats are designed with just that in mind – they are wide enough to never constrict, yet shaped to create the illusion of sleekness for your feet.

Genuine full grain leather is soft, absorbs moisture, allows your feet to breathe, and forms to your feet’s contours for maximum comfort – which is why we only use soft leather (calf and kid leather) with full leather pigskin lining.

Anti Slip and flexible rubber outsoles are also of utmost importance to facilitate for long hours of wearing. Our bendy shoes can follow the movement of your feet as you dance, skip and jump on your journey.

Customise them with our charms today, and create your own inspiration!